Elevate Your Energy: Solar Solutions for Home Solar in Denver with Seed Solar Denver - The Top Solar Company in Denver

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Seed Solar Denver was founded with a clear mission: to make home solar accessible, affordable, and hassle-free for every homeowner in Denver.

Earn with Home Solar in Denver

Get paid for the clean energy your solar cells produce.

Sell your energy back to the grid and reap the financial benefits.

Make an Impact with Solar Company Denver

Help create a sustainable energy future for the planet.

Reduce carbon emissions with our green energy solutions.

Save on Your Monthly Energy Bills

Lower your monthly energy bills with our home solar.

Reduce your energy usage and save money by powering your Denver home with the sun

Expertise You Can Trust with Seed Solar Denver - The Best Home Solar Company in Denver

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Colorado's 100% Energy Mandate - We're compliant and can provide you with the best solar solutions.

Does Your Power Company Allow Solar? Find out with Seed Solar Denver.

Our Services - Home Solar Solutions in Denver

We specialize in home energy upgrades.

Turn-key Solar System

We offer everything you need to go solar from one company, ensuring a seamless experience from start to install.

Fast Design And Install

We have one of the fastest design and install times in the industry. Start saving with solar sooner.

Home Improvement Services

We can also handle additional home improvement services such as installing a new roof, electrical panel, heat pumps, and whole house fans.


Energy Upgrade Services for Home Solar in Denver

Power your home with clean energy

Home Solar

Reduce your energy usage with insulation


Store your energy with battery back-up solutions

Battery Back-up

Add a new heat pump for improved efficiency

Heat Pumps

Replace your roof with a solar-compatible solution

New Roof

Upgrade your home with solar panels

Solar Upgrade

Backed by the Best Solar Warranty in the Industry

Rest easy knowing that your home solar is protected by our industry-leading warranty

Seed Solar Energy - Making Solar Easy in Denver

Ready to take the leap? Call us today and start the proposal process for your home solar with Seed Solar Denver.